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LLM Security for Enterprises | SecureGPT™


Leverage public LLMs without compromising sensitive data

Enterprises today face a unique challenge: how to safeguard their most confidential data while harnessing the power of public Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard. At the same time, these organizations face the inherent risk that AI systems may be misused, leading to harmful or unethical outcomes. There’s the possibility that internal users could interact with external LLMs in a manner unrelated to their responsibilities, receiving responses that could be offensive or even breach the company’s ethical guidelines.

Nevertheless, these LLMs can provide invaluable insights from a wealth of company documents. The key lies in striking a delicate balance —fully utilizing the potential of these AI models without jeopardizing sensitive information or violating company ethics. It’s a question of extracting the maximum value from these LLMs without revealing your enterprise’s ‘crown jewels.’

The answer to striking this balance lies in a cutting-edge hybrid strategy, which is firmly grounded on a robust security layer. This layer forms the cornerstone of any interaction or analysis between your enterprise and the external LLMs. Alongside this, topical and moderation guardrails play a crucial role. These serve to confine the discussion to relevant subjects, adding another layer of control to the AI interactions. Such guardrails not only keep the focus where it needs to be but also help prevent users from initiating harmful or inappropriate dialogue.

Utilizing the latest advancements in security, the security layer provides a nuanced obfuscation process for your documents prior to their analysis by the external LLMs. This combination of advanced security measures and conversation guardrails allows your enterprise to harness the full power of these LLMs without the risk of exposing your most sensitive data or compromising the ethical standards of your enterprise. In essence, your organization can leverage these advanced AI tools to their maximum potential, securely and responsibly.

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