Quantum Gears

SecureGPT – Coming Soon

SecureGPT™ implements a sophisticated obfuscation algorithm which automatically detects sensitive information—think names, addresses, and social security numbers. Any document that a user wants to analyze with a public LLM is first obfuscated and anonymized, so no private information is ever sent off prem to the cloud. And the user can completely customize what fields or values get removed.

Second, SecureGPT™ ships with strict guardrails that allow only the generation of useful and relevant content. It steers employees towards on-topic conversations and prevents an LLM from generating content that violates company policies.

This combination of advanced security measures and conversation guardrails allows your enterprise to harness the full power of LLMs without exposing your most sensitive data or compromising the ethical standards of your enterprise. 

With SecureGPT™, your organization can maximize value from powerful AI tools securely and ethically.

Early access to SecureGPT