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About Us

About Us

NLP and LLMs are transforming the world

We believe advances in natural language processing & generation will transform the world. Any enterprise that does not focus its efforts on these technologies, thinking deeply about how they can be applied, will be left behind.

Mamoon Yunus

President & CEO

Rizwan Mallal

Chief Operating Officer


Our approach

We're at an inflection point

A unique fusion of different strategies is built into our platform that includes integration with public LLMs and private LLMs that are specially trained on enterprise-specific data. This approach caters to a more personalized experience and a better understanding of the unique needs of each business.

Our Story

Quantum Gears traces its roots back to the 1990s when our founder, Mamoon Yunus, began exploring Genetic Programming as a pastime. Driven not by avarice but by an earnest desire to learn, he was deeply influenced by the works of the globally renowned Genetic Programming Professor, John R. Koza. These readings served as the foundation for future innovations.

Having honed his skills in the enterprise software market and addressing some of its most challenging issues, Yunus was able to apply his knowledge of Genetic Programming in a groundbreaking manner. This application resulted in a significant achievement: a patent granted in 2011 for Genetic Evolutionary Techniques for Security Testing.

As the enterprise software landscape underwent constant changes, and with the advent of revolutionary Deep Learning techniques in 2012, Yunus and his team embarked on the journey of developing Machine Learning tools to address performance issues in the networking arena. They innovatively leveraged Splunk queries, extending them to be auto-generated, even before Generative AI became widely recognized. This strategy was effectively utilized to resolve intricate enterprise network challenges.

The successive waves of innovation, coupled with the acquired knowledge of intricate enterprise workflows and the recent surge in Generative Large Language Models (LLMs), have paved the way for the conception and deployment of Quantum Sim. This innovative platform tackles multiple use cases in the most demanding and regulated industries. 

Our History in Deep Learning

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