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Enabling LLM Security
for Enterprises
with GenAI + APIs

Enterprise LLM Security

LLMs represent a transformative moment for industry—but how can we trust their output is accurate and ethical? And how can we know private data is secure? Our LLM gateway is based on a foundational security layer, SecureGPT™, which implements Guardrails, Obfuscation, and Audit for full-stack LLM Security.

Check out the Gartner® Quick Answer: How Can U.S. Payers Use GenAI to Advance Product Profitability?

According to the report, “Product and benefit teams can apply GenAI, such as large language models (LLMs), to efficiently locate, configure, and update product and benefit plan material, ensuring timely go to market and accurate content delivery.

We believe the report is absolutely correct in its analysis of potentially transformative use cases for healthcare payers.

We appreciate being included as a representative vendor for our LLM-enabled healthcare solutions. 

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Enterprise-class Gateway

Proven deployments of our LLM gateway handle heaviest enterprise workloads at scale

Pioneering LLM Security

Robust data privacy, ethical LLM usage, and transparency

Multi-LLM Integration

Enhanced capabilities to discover, extract, and correlate content across private and public LLMs.

SecureGPT™ Mitigates the OWASP
Top 10 for LLM

Defend against prompt injection, Denial of Service attacks, data leakage,

& Data

Quantum Sim allows input from all stakeholders—procurement, legal, business, and IT teams—and ingests all enterprise data

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