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Are all your GenAI ambitions in one LLM basket?

The recent controversy over Sam Altman’s sudden departure from OpenAI and subsequent hiring by Microsoft reminds us that the LLM space is tumultuous. The field is in its infancy. Such growing pains are to be expected. Paradigm-shifting events will likely … Read More

Gartner Quick Answer: How Can U.S. Payers Use GenAI to Advance Product Profitability?

Check out the Gartner® Quick Answer: How can U.S. Payers Use GenAI to Advance Product Profitability? in which we are recognized as a Representative Vendor for: Benefits, Policy and Regulatory Summarization , Product Configuration Execution, Content Production and Deployment … Read More

Streamlining Healthcare with Machine Learning

About $3.6 trillion is spent every year in the United States on healthcare. Between $600 billion and $1.9 trillion of that is wasted. Technology will not completely solve this staggering inefficiency, but it will be a crucial part of the … Read More

Enhancing LLMs with Knowledge Graphs: A Case Study

Check out this case study on LLMs and Knowledge Graphs where we create a system for storing, querying, and fact-checking healthcare benefits documents. While LLMs are powerful, the fact that their output is probabilistic poses a problem for enterprises looking … Read More

GenAI & Enterprise Reorganization

GenAI will affect every enterprise. Those ahead of the game are already thinking through to the bottom how foundational workflows will be changed by AI. The potential upside is nearly limitless—but honest self-reflection requires diligence and toughness. For enterprises anywhere … Read More

GenAI & The Workforce: A Framework

Generative AI is transforming every aspect of industry. Automated NLP-enabled data cleaning and ChatGPT-like applications for back-end systems are already becoming commonplace and will continue to grow in popularity. But there are concerns about the continued integration of AI—especially LLMs. … Read More

FHIR: The Future of Healthcare Interoperability​

HL7 FHIR—Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources—is the future of healthcare interoperability. But what is it? And how does it benefit organizations within the healthcare ecosystem?  First, FHIR is a data standard (or data model). It was developed by HL7 International to … Read More