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GenAI & The Workforce: A Framework

Generative AI is transforming every aspect of industry. Automated NLP-enabled data cleaning and ChatGPT-like applications for back-end systems are already becoming commonplace and will continue to grow in popularity.

But there are concerns about the continued integration of AI—especially LLMs. The main concern, of course, is that AI will replace even skilled employees. But as the now famous adage goes, “AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.” And this tweet contains within it implicit advice to employers: train your workforce to use AI, which should reassure them that AI need not replace them. 

AI will make them better at their jobs
and will make their jobs better

Rote tasks can be automated. Complex tasks can be simplified. Speed and accuracy will be greatly improved with an intelligent AI strategy for the workforce that combines GenAI tools with the hard-won years of domain specific knowledge. 

AI evangelists within enterprises sometimes struggle to bring everyone on board. To aid in the integration of AI-enabled solutions, we propose a general framework for strategic thinking about how AI will affect the workforce.

And one final note: While the concern that AI will replace human workers is natural and understandable, we believe it is unfounded. Travel agents and switchboard operators were replaced by technology, too. Hardly a lamentable loss. Every technological advance has had its naysayers—whether baptist or bootlegger—only for those original concerns to have been forgotten as a new wave of prosperity was realized. If the era of generative AI will be different, it is only because of the greater potential of the technology to transform the world for the better.

About Quantum Gears

Forum Systems and its subsidiary, Quantum Gears, are leading the Enterprise GenAI revolution. Patent-pending products—like SecureGPT™, ContractsGPT™, BenefitsGPT™, and Forum Sentry—mitigate the unpredictable nature of LLMs through integration with corporate APIs, ensuring LLM output is truthful and accurate. Used by some of the largest global companies for building intelligent business workflows, Forum’s suite of products provides unique, industry-leading solutions that allow enterprises to reinvent themselves with GenAI.

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