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Cleaned provider data through standard connectors and LLM integration


Accurate provider data is increasingly important for health plans, especially as risk
relationships are established between payers and providers. Today, plans rely on often inaccurate provider data for many back office processes. This increases administrative burden for plans and providers which ultimately harms patients. 

Traditional approaches to improving provider data quality require substantial investments in data management processes and tools. 

ProviderGPT™ leverages intelligent standard connectors which allow plans to integrate with third party data quality vendors with minimum effort. And it integrates with a state-of-the-art NLP engine to recommend corrective measures.  

This AI technology also enables data stewards to converse with the data in plain English, eliminating the barrier between business users and the data, leading to rapid improvement in data quality.

ProviderGPT™ offers a cost-effective solution that leverages advanced AI capabilities. 

Its intuitive interface allows data stewards to dialogue directly with data—no technical expertise or time-consuming interface training required. 

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NLP Data Quality

Leverage a powerful NLP engine to detect potential errors and suggest corrections

Standard Connectors

Seamless integration with any third party vendors with minimal migration effort


Natural Language Query

Integrate with LLMs to streamline workflows for everyone from CSRs to execs—no SQL required

HITRUST Certified

Able to be deployed in a HITRUST Amazon cloud for security and compliance

Learn how ProviderGPT™ can optimize your provider data management