Quantum Gears



Supercharge contract management with NLP and LLMs


Contract management is often a bottleneck for enterprises.

They are often grappling with a deluge of contracts that demand immediate review and endorsement, straining compliance and procurement officers.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology, specifically semantic analysis, we introduce a contract analysis layer that accelerates contract management, including risk analysis, legal review, and negotiation. 

Our ContractsGPT™ provides deep insight into the potential effect of a contract on an enterprise’s financial health by uncovering the nuances that can make or break a deal. 

Additionally, this solution equips enterprise users with the capability to assess the risk profile of a contract from multiple perspectives: deep forensic analysis across time and across vendors. 

This multi-faceted approach to contract analysis is genuinely revolutionary, offering an enhanced risk management strategy leads to better decisions and outcomes. 


Unstructured content

Extract, discover, and correlate key attributes

Automatic Obfuscation

SecureGPT™ detects and remove sensitive information before analysis


LLM Integration

LLM integration enables detection of contentious or conflicting clauses in seconds—and suggests corrections

Risk Analysis

Compare risk over time for the same vendor or quickly discover differences between competing vendors

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