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GenAI & Enterprise Reorganization

GenAI will affect every enterprise. Those ahead of the game are already thinking through to the bottom how foundational workflows will be changed by AI. The potential upside is nearly limitless—but honest self-reflection requires diligence and toughness.

For enterprises anywhere in the process of a “digital transformation,” AI can and should reorient how that transformation proceeds. Generative AI, the technology behind ChatGPT, is a force multiplier for digital transformation and investments already made in this area in many cases can be adjusted to include recent advancements. 

A “full stack” AI platform, which includes an NLP inference engine, LLM integration, and both connected with corporate APIs could impact the following areas: 

As with any strategic endeavor, enterprises must identify the current obstacles to the implementation of AI-enabled workflows. To accelerate this process, we recommend:

  • a hybrid team built of business unit leaders that oversees AI implementation and governance  
  • and an AI expert in every department to assess use cases and evangelize 
  • enlisting the help of AI experts such as Quantum Gears to consult and advise on how best to implement AI
About Quantum Gears

Forum Systems and its subsidiary, Quantum Gears, are leading the Enterprise GenAI revolution. Patent-pending products—like SecureGPT™, ContractsGPT™, BenefitsGPT™, and Forum Sentry—mitigate the unpredictable nature of LLMs through integration with corporate APIs, ensuring LLM output is truthful and accurate. Used by some of the largest global companies for building intelligent business workflows, Forum’s suite of products provides unique, industry-leading solutions that allow enterprises to reinvent themselves with GenAI.

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